Sugar & Mautic Integrator

$ 120,00 net / user / year

The Sugar Mautic Integrator by eVolpe was made for all the companies currently deploying or already using both of the systems. Are you facing difficulties trying to coordinate efforts between marketing and sales? Our connector is the best solution to help you solve that issue.

Get the one of a kind, fully customizable Sugar & Mautic integrator by eVolpe!

Integration of CRM and Marketing Automation software secures consistency of actions and comfort of working with just one database. As a result of Sugar & Mautic integration, you will gain full control over your company’s image at all stages of the Customer Journey!


Basic functions of the Sugar & Mautic integrator:

Personal Records Synchronization

Leads, Contacts and Prospects in Sugar synchronize with Contacts in Mautic. The synchronization is bilateral. Contacts in Mautic are automatically pushed to Sugar and saved as Leads. It happens every time the action “Push Contact to integration” gets triggered.

Merging history of operations on records

The whole history of operations in both systems gets merged and unified. That way it is possible to look up what actions have been performed without the need of switching software back and forth.

Duplicate prevention

Real time synchronization prevents creation of duplicates in both of the systems. Thus, it helps to avoid repetitions of tasks in Sales and Marketing.

History of activities

The “Marketing Activities” subpanel in Sugar stores information about all the unique actions such as e-mail opening, attachment download, web page hit etc.

Scoring control

Sugar users can easily control the scoring granted to their customers as a result of marketing actions analyzed by Mautic.

Advanced automation

After a contact has gained a certain amount of points in Mautic (added for opening e-mails, clicking links, downloading assets etc.), the Sugar & Mautic Integrator triggers actions in CRM (for example schedules a phone call). Everything following the next appropriate step workflow (which of course can be freely designed).

Target lists’ synchronization

Transfer of lists created in Sugar helps to run dedicated marketing campaigns in Mautic. It is possible to create a customized target list with the use of the advanced reporting mechanisms in CRM and then forward it to Marketing Automation.

Switching between systems

There is a Mautic URL inside every personal record in Sugar that takes the user right to the relevant spot in the marketing automation software.

Simple marketing analytics

The Reports module in Sugar significantly improves analytical abilities of Mautic. Thanks to combining functions of both the systems it is possible to analyze every aspect of performed operations.

Flexible, simple configuration

Mapping of specific fields allows simple and self-reliant configuration of the software.


As a result of the Sugar & Mautic integration the company receives:

  • Two-way merge of information
  • 360° view of Customer – Company relations
  •  Advanced automation of repetitive tasks
  •  Duplicate detection
  •  The flexibility of configuration accordingly to their own needs
  •  Extensive analytical capabilities.


  • For Mautic:
  • PHP: 7.4
  • Database: MySQL
  • Mautic version: 4.X (5.X support is currently work in progress)
  • For Sugar:
  •  Sugar version: 12.X, 13.0.X

Important Issues

• onDemand instances (SugarCloud) are not supported.
• Authorizations other than standard Sugar User, like LDAP, are not supported.
• Sugar User used to integrate Mautic with Sugar has to be an admin user and has to have active plugin license.

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