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The Wiki SRS by eVolpe was made to efficiently deliver a Software Requirements Specification. It replaces a traditional form of keeping the documentation in a form of a large text file. The intuitiveness of this web-based project encyclopedia (accessible at any time from your browser after logging into the appropriate individual account) makes finding the information so much easier. Find out how you can make your life so much easier with this simple tool!

Wiki SRS (Software Requirements Specification) is a custom tool by eVolpe which organizes software documentation in an online encyclopedia fashion.


SRS stands for Software Requirements Specification. Such a document is usually associated with the traditional – waterfall – approach to product development. One of the main characteristics of such a model is full documentation requirement.  Against a common misconception, SRS can also be advantageous for the agile methodology. How to keep it, is usually a case of individual preferences. Because it is an objectively time-consuming task, we propose you a tool that allows maintaining an up to date and easy to navigate software specification without a hustle of manually writing the description.


Wiki SRS by eVolpe


Our solution is based on the popular Wiki platform. It can be easily filled in by the development team without the need of writing long, complicated descriptions. The tool converts bits of the code into writing, partially automatically. Thanks to a set of scripts, it is possible to generate a matrix of functionalities. The specification gets completed with simple YES and NO values and displayed in a form of a table. Only descriptions of usability, advanced validations or tasks performed by each mechanism require additional clarification and need to be added manually.


Furthermore, Wiki SRS includes a description of the feature’s business advantage, as well as the screenshot of the spot in the system. The tool portrays the software as it is. Even if it quickly evolves, you are always provided with a relevant and current information. It is possible to look up the features as well as the map of other integrated systems.


Because we all are so used to browsing the, even a technological rookie will find the User Experience of the tool effortless. It is possible to search information through categories, using internal links or by simply typing the queries into a search engine.


Because a traditional software documentation is usually very long, complicated and quite hard to understand, Wiki SRS is the best mechanism that can help to get your head around the project. It saves the time of the development team which also means that it preserves the unnecessary expenses under the Time & Material compensation.


Want to say bye to endless text files and thick books containing software specifications?

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